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Swami Chakrapani speaking to ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI
Swami Chakrapani speaking to ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI

Swami Chakrapani compares Hamid Ansari to Owaisi; says both speak language of Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Nov 21, 2020 17:36 IST

New Delhi [India], November 21 (ANI): Slamming former vice president Hamid Ansari for his recent "two pandemics" remark, Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha president Swami Chakrapani on Saturday asserted that his statements are similar to that of AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, who he said speaks the language of Pakistan.
"There is not much difference between the statements of Hamid Ansari and Owaisi. They are speaking the language of Pakistan. The statements of Hamid Ansari, who has served as Vice President of India, is condemnable," Chakrapani told ANI here.
Earlier, Hamid Ansari had said that even before Covid-19 the society had become a victim of two other pandemics namely religiosity and strident nationalism.

Chakrapani, responding to the former vice president's remarks, said that Ansari should apologise to the people of the country and retract his statement.
"Owaisi is walking on the path of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was responsible for the partition. He is trying to polarise Muslim voters by creating a fear of Hindus. I urge the Central government to take cognizance of such people and initiate actions," Chakrapani said.
"Hindus believe in the concept that the entire world is their family. I urge the people of the Muslim community not pay any attention to such people so another Jinnah is not born in this country," he added.
Speaking on the reports of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka formulating laws against 'love jihad', Chakrapani said lakhs of our sisters and daughters have suffered due to this and added that there is a need for stringent laws for the same.
"Laws should be there against love jihad. Lakhs of daughter and sisters have suffered due to lack of stringent laws against love jihad. I congratulate states making laws against this. Those opposing laws against love jihad are supporting these love jihadis instead of helping our sisters and daughters," he said. (ANI)