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National human rights social justice council, chairperson, Navneet Kaur (Photo:ANI)
National human rights social justice council, chairperson, Navneet Kaur (Photo:ANI)

Social Justice Council calls for awareness among people to prevent crimes in society

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 22:49 IST

Chandigarh [India], November 30 (ANI): Asserting that the lack of awareness in society leads to an increase in criminal activities, National Human Rights Social Justice Council chairperson Navneet Kaur on Wednesday highlighted the need for giving voice to women who are not able to raise their voices.
The official said that a campaign has been kickstarted named 'Elimination of violence against women' under which awareness is being spread.
Speaking to ANI, Kaur said, "There is a need for awareness among people so that such incidents do not occur. We want that people, with community participation, should look around to know what is happening. There is a need to give voice to the women who are not able to raise their voices."
"There is a campaign running from November 25 to December 10 named "Elimination of violence against women." It is a 16-day campaign in which awareness is being spread," she added.
Asked about the proceedings in the Shraddha Walkar murder case in the national capital, the chairperson said that the case should be heard in a fast-track court and justice should be delivered without delay.

"There should be a fast-track court and the proceedings of the court should be rapid. The delay in justice causes restlessness in society. There is a lack of awareness. We can meet the challenges only with awareness," she said.
"Crime has increased in some places including UP, Delhi. There are some states where there is no reporting of crimes. The data has increased in some areas, but it has also reduced in some other areas," Kaur added.
Meanwhile, in another development in the Shraddha murder case, Aaftab's most recent girlfriend was in shock after hearing about the horrific act by him and said that she had no clue that human body parts were kept inside Aaftab's Chhatarpur residence when she visited there twice after the murder. She also informed that Aaftab gifted her a ring.
As per her, Aftab had gifted a fancy artificial ring on October 12. As per sources, this ring belonged to Shraddha.
The police recovered the ring from Aaftab's new partner and recorded her statement.
According to reports, Aaftab's partner is a psychiatrist by profession.
As per police sources, Aaftab's new partner is undergoing counselling as she was found to be in a state of shock following the emergence of the details of the Shraddha murder case. (ANI)