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Fueling a station (Photo/ANI)
Fueling a station (Photo/ANI)

Soaring fuel prices brought miseries to people in Ludhiana

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2021 13:44 IST

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], July 8 (ANI): As the fuel prices across the country is soaring, Ludhiana is no exception. People are facing various problems due to rising petrol and diesel prices and have to often mend their ways of living to adjust their cost so that it does not burn a hole in their pockets.
"We have to cut down on our basic expenses as fuel is a necessity and can not be ignored, for Rs 100, I used to get 3 litres of petrol but now for the same quantity I need to spend Rs 300," expressed Amit on the soaring prices.
At present, in Ludhiana petrol per litre stands at Rs 102.20 and diesel at Rs 92.19 a litre. As compared to July 7, there has been a slight decrease in both the prices.

Talking about the reasons for the rising prices, which are directly related to the value-added tax collected on the base charge, which later gets distributed between the Centre and the state.
While criticising the government a local also added, "When the crude oil prices was around USD 125 per barrel, the costs were quite manageable. But now even when the price internationally is USD 75 per barrel, it is still soaring in the domestic market. This shows the inefficiency of the government."
Speaking about the global impact, Dharmendra Pradhan, the previous Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, had expressed hope that the soaring prices of crude oil will come under control after the OPEC's July meet, which took place on July 1.
In the month of June this year, the minister also had a meeting with the OPEC Secretary-General H.E Dr Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo in Delhi that lasted over an hour during which he emphasised that high crude prices are adding significant inflationary pressure on India. (ANI)