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Vande Bharat Express (Photo/ANI)
Vande Bharat Express (Photo/ANI)

Second trial for Vande Bharat Express successfully completed

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2019 18:02 IST

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 04 (ANI): The second trial for India's fastest train, Vande Bharat Express was successfully completed here in Kanpur Central Railway station on Thursday.
The trial was conducted between New Delhi Railway Station and Kanpur Central. "Currently, the train is undergoing operational trials in which we look at its operational feasibility. We are conducting many tests and when it meets all our standards, it will go into service. It will be running between New Delhi Railway Station and Kanpur Central", said Himanshu, director, Kanpur Central Railway Station.
In addition to automatic doors, GPS based audio-visual passenger information system, onboard hotspot Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes, pantry and bio-vacuum toilets, the train has also been equipped with improved seating, a facility for the freezer, hot case and other technical improvements based on passenger feedback.
Vande Bharat express, also dubbed as 'Train 18', can run up to a maximum speed of 160 kmph and has travel classes like Shatabdi Train but with better facilities in a bid to provide a totally new travel experience to passengers.
In February this year, PM Narendra Modi had flagged off the train's maiden run from New Delhi to Varanasi.
The train is designed and developed by a Chennai-based Railways Production unit, Integral Coach Factory in just 18 months which also includes the in-house design and manufacture, computer modelling and working etc.
Adding up the green footprints, this fully 'Make in India' train has regenerative braking system in the coaches which can save up to 30 per cent of electrical energy. (ANI)