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Event 'Peaceful Co-Existence and Compassion for humanity at the heart of Islam' in Kashmir.
Event 'Peaceful Co-Existence and Compassion for humanity at the heart of Islam' in Kashmir.

Scholars, religious leaders condemn violence against minorities in Kashmir

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2022 15:09 IST

Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], July 1 (ANI): Scholars and religious leaders condemned the violence, hate and discrimination against the minorities in Jammu and Kashmir at a seminar held at Para-Medical College in Pulwama on Thursday.
The event titled "Peaceful Co-Existence and Compassion for humanity at the heart of Islam" was organized by the "Save Youth Save Future" foundation in collaboration with European Union.
The program was presided by Chairman "Save Youth Save Future" Foundation Wajahat Farooq Bhat along with Islamic Scholar Moulvi Aijaz Noori, Social Activist and Zonal President South Kashmir "SYSF" Foundation Mudasir Ahmad Dar, Media Fraternity of District Pulwama and other prominent personalities.
The event commenced with the recitation of Naat by Moulvi Aijaz Nouri.
He shed light on mutual co-existence and further elucidated the need to advocate peaceful co-existence to enhance productive, meaningful lives and sustainable societies.

He further spoke on how Islam evidently emboldens unity among various religious groups. He strongly denounced the use of violence, hate, and discrimination against minorities.

He stated how Islam clearly focuses on the fraternity among different religions.
Another speaker of the event, Zia Ul Islam shed light on his journey from being a stone pelter to an activist.
He shared many aspects of his transformation journey. He clearly remembered how he felt his dreams were shattered because of stone-pelting, when he was jailed and how out of that situation he contested election on the Panchayati level and made efforts to change and evolve and significantly contributed to the society and concluded by mentioning how everyone in the society should put their grievances forward through initiating dialogue and not encourage violence.
The Chairman "SYSF" Foundation concluded by stating how Islam has built and has been practicing the modern concepts of modern society.
He stated how Islam has been righteous towards women and abolished ill-practices that used to take place back in the 7th century against women and how positively things have reformed since then.
He stressed providing education besides religious ones. He said, "People should keep their children away from all anti-national elements, ideologies, and structures. He also shed light on the hazardous consequences of misinformation being spread and how negatively it can affect a person's life.
An interactive session was also held with the audience where the majority of the girls enthusiastically participated and openly shared their experiences.
Mudasir Ahmad Dar, Zonal President of SYSF appreciates everyone's participation with a promise to ensure more such productive sessions. (ANI)