Sand turn black in Juhu beach
Sand turn black in Juhu beach

Sand at Mumbai's Juhu Beach turns black following oil spill

ANI | Updated: Aug 05, 2021 18:26 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra)[India], August 5 (ANI): The sand on over 5 kilometre stretch of Mumbai's Juhu Beach turned black due to an oil spill on Thursday.
People, who came for a walk in the morning today, said that the oil in the seawater was flowing towards the shore that has turned sand in black.
Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar said that the administration will inspect the situation at the beach.

"I will assign a ward officer to inspect the oil on the Juhu Beach. We don't know the reason yet but, whenever we have the information we will share it," she told reporters here.
"Usually we put sand over it but first we will inspect the situation," she added.
Pramod Virkar, a local resident said: "We have never seen oil in the beach and in the seawater, it has happened probably due to breakdown of a steamer."
Another resident, Hari said, "The sand is sticky and we cannot walk on it. It will also harm the marine life and the environment." (ANI)