Visual from a shop in Kashmir Valley. (Photo/ANI)
Visual from a shop in Kashmir Valley. (Photo/ANI)

Sale of dry fruits increases during Ramadan in Kashmir valley

ANI | Updated: Apr 25, 2021 01:04 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], April 25 (ANI): Dry fruits are in huge demand during the holy month of Ramadan in Kashmir valley, and the health concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic brought has given an added impetus to their sale.
In this month, from dusk to dawn people are not taking meals nor water due to their fast. People prepare mouth-watering dishes such as biriyani, sharbat, siwaniya, firni and halwa for the iftar ceremony.

In all sweet dishes, dry fruits including almonds, apricot, coconut, cashew, pistachios, and raisins are used. Dry fruits are proven to be rich sources of proteins and vitamins which is why people use them extensively to keep fit and fine.
Moreover, doctors are advising people to eat good and healthy food to improve their immune system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rayees Ahmad a shopkeeper said, "We are doing very good business during this precious month rather than the other eleven months. People are purchasing dry fruits and nuts in large quantities to make sweet dishes which they are using at the time iftaar (breaking time of fast)."

Altaf Bhat a dry fruit dealer said, "COVID-19 has increased the sales of dry fruits. Kashmiri people do not eat many dry fruits though they consume much of it during Ramzan and marriage functions. The sales have increased 20 fold in this month. Kashmiri people are largely fond of sweet dishes, they use dry fruits and nuts in such dishes."
Ghulam Rasool a customer said, "Dry fruits that you get here are pure ones. It contains vitamin D, and calcium and also increases our immunity, this is worth our money to spend on."
Imtiyaz Bhat another customer said, "The demand for dry fruits and nuts is increasing. Doctors are recommending such food these days"
Ghulam Nabi another customer said, "People are fond of eating these, especially during the month of Ramadhan.COVID-19 is spreading and it is very important to strengthen our immune system." (ANI)