Railway Protection Force, Pune launched CAPTAIN ARJUN robot to screen passengers (Photo/ANI)
Railway Protection Force, Pune launched CAPTAIN ARJUN robot to screen passengers (Photo/ANI)

Robotic 'Captain Arjun' to screen passengers while boarding trains: Central Railways

ANI | Updated: Jun 13, 2020 03:14 IST

New Delhi [India], June 13 (ANI): Railway Protection Force, Pune on Friday launched 'CAPTAIN ARJUN', a robot to screen passengers while they board trains, said Central Railways.
Robotic 'CAPTAIN ARJUN' (Always be Responsible and Just Use to be Nice) has been launched to intensify the screening and surveillance. This Robot was launched to screen passengers while they board trains and keep a watch on anti-social elements.
The Robotic Captain Arujn was launched online on Friday evening. On this occasion, Sanjeev Mittal, General Manager appreciated the innovation by the Railway Protection Force and said "The Robotic Captain Arjun will protect the passengers and the staff from any possible infection and also its surveillance will provide enhanced security".

Captain Arjun is equipped with a motion sensor, one PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera), and one Dome Camera.
The Cameras use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to track suspicious activity and antisocial activity, has an inbuilt siren, motion-activated spotlight H-264 Processor, there is also in-built internal storage for recording in case there is a network failure.
Captain Arjun does thermal screening and records the temperature in a digital display panel with a response time of 0.5 seconds and if the temperature is higher than the reference range, it sounds an abnormal automatic alarm with a counting capacity of 999.
Captain Arjun has adopted a two-way communication mode, voice, and video and also speaks in the local language. It is housed with speakers to spread awareness messages on COVID19.
Captain Arjun also has a sensor-based sanitizer and mask dispenser and can move. The robot has a floor sanitization facility with good battery backup. It has rugged wheels that support all kinds of surfaces. (ANI)