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Chief Justice of India NV Ramana at 'International Day of Women Judges' programme. (File Photo/ANI)
Chief Justice of India NV Ramana at 'International Day of Women Judges' programme. (File Photo/ANI)

Reservation for women needs to be replicated at all levels: CJI NV Ramana

ANI | Updated: Mar 10, 2022 20:06 IST

New Delhi [India], March 10 (ANI): The Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana, during his address on the occasion of 'International Day of Women Judges' on Thursday said that he strongly feels that policy of providing reservation to women, needs to be replicated at all levels.
"I strongly feel that the policy of providing reservation to women needs to be replicated at all levels and in all the States," said the CJI.
CJI Ramana was speaking on the occasion of the first-ever 'International Day of Women Judges' on Thursday evening at the Supreme Court (SC).
Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, SC women judges Justice Indira Banerjee, Justice Hima Kohli, Justice B. V. Nagarathna and Justice Bela Trivedi, had taken part in the event from the SC.
CJI Ramana hoped that such events inspire young and talented girls to study law and join the profession. "I urge all the stakeholders, to pledge towards an inclusive and equitable future, where gender will no longer be a barrier towards achieving one's dreams. The promises of equality in our Constitution must translate to substantive equality for all women in the country," the CJI said.
He further expressed gladness to learn that India was among the nations that sponsored the resolution moved by Qatar before the United Nations General Assembly which resulted in the 10th of March being declared as "International Day of Women Judges".

CJI also lauded the presence of four women in the Supreme Court which is the highest ever in its history, said that it is imperative for the justice delivery system to be at the forefront of progressive change. He said, "It is not too far when the country shall be witnessing the first-ever female Chief Justice of India."
"But, I think, we are still far away from ensuring at least 50 per cent representation of women in our judiciary. The legal profession still remains male-dominated, with severe under-representation of women," he said, adding that he has been trying to do his best to correct this imbalance in our judicial system
He also mentioned that for the High Courts, the SC has so far recommended 192 candidates, out of which 37 members, which is, 19 per cent were women.
"This is certainly an improvement over the percentage of incumbent women judges in HC which stands at 11.8 per cent. Unfortunately, so far only 17 of the 37 women recommended to High Courts were appointed. Others are still pending with the Government," he said.
CJI Ramana also blamed the patriarchal system as one of the factors behind the under-representation of women in the judiciary and said that "Women often have to face hostile atmosphere within the courtrooms. Harassment, lack of respect from members of the Bar and Bench, the silencing of their opinions, are some of the other traumatic experiences often recounted by many women lawyers. "
The presence of women as judges and lawyers will substantially improve the justice delivery system, CJI said. "Women too are stakeholders in this system and they must become a substantial part of it," he opined.
"Most importantly, the injustices faced by women are compounded by intersectional issues of socio-economic conditions. Therefore, we need women from all classes and sections to find a place within the judicial system. The dream of a fair and equitable society will come true when women, from all backgrounds, have a say," CJI Ramana concluded. (ANI)