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Reports relating to arrest of two men in Manipur distorted, they attempted to destroy social harmony: Govt sources

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2021 00:19 IST

New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI): News reports concerning the arrest of two men for saying "cow urine and dung do not cure COVID-19" present a distorted, pernicious and one-sided perspective and a lop-sided narrative about the related incidents, government sources said on Friday and added that they have committed anti-social activities and made deliberate attempt to destroy social harmony.
"What has been conveniently ignored is the profile of these individuals, who have committed anti-social activities in the name of social activism and a deliberate attempt to destroy social harmony and bonhomie between various communities in Manipur. We regret that the report completely neglects the ground reality and presents sensational journalistic accounts of matters pertaining to India, which has of late become a tool to gain visibility in the media space and eye-balls among the non-Indian audience," a source said.
Sources said there have been news reports in media titled 'Two men are arrested in India for saying cow urine and dung do NOT cure Covid-19: Pair have been held 45 days so far for dispelling politician's claim'.
They said that the news report presents "a distorted, pernicious and one-sided perspective about the two individuals involved in the case, and the action taken by the Government of Manipur in this regard".

"The report has not presented the perspective of the complainants, thereby giving a lop-sided narrative about the related incidents," a source said.
The sources said Erendro Leichonbam, labelled as an activist in the news report, in the past, has been involved in multiple anti-social activities which have risked disturbance of social harmony, loss of public tranquility, and impacted cordiality of relations between various social sections in the society.
In the present case, on May 13 Erendro Leichonbam's statements on social media were alleged to bring hatred, outrage religious feeling and sentiments, and thereby disturbing the public order in the society, they said.
"On a complaint received by the local police, he was arrested as per the due procedure of law, and was remanded to police custody for four days in May by the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Imphal West, Manipur. His case was also considered by the NSA, whereby the Board unanimously approved the detention order. A similar position exists in the matter related to Wangkhemcha Wangngthoi in the aforementioned case," a source said.
Sources said Erendro Leichonbam and Wangkhemcha Wangthoi have been "habitual offenders causing fear and alarm to the public, with their actions and statements having a potential to incite any class or community or person to commit offences against other class or community thus promoting enmity". (ANI)