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Senior Congress leader and former minister Ramalinga Reddy (File Photo)
Senior Congress leader and former minister Ramalinga Reddy (File Photo)

Ramalinga Reddy ridicules BJP's manifesto for Bihar polls, says 'entire country must get COVID vaccine for free'

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2020 03:28 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], October 25 (ANI): Amid the ongoing slugfest over NDA's vaccine promise ahead of Bihar Assembly polls 2020, senior Congress leader Ramalinga Reddy slammed the ruling party at the Centre stating that everybody in this country must get the vaccine for free.
He said that BJP cannot win hearts by making hollow promises in its manifesto for Bihar polls.
"In its manifesto for the Bihar assembly elections, the BJP has once again launched a series of false promises. The BJP has announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will be given free to the people of Bihar. The BJP cannot win the hearts of the people by making such empty promises. Free COVID vaccine must be available for the entire country and not just Bihar," Reddy tweeted.
Reddy ridiculed the BJP for using COVID-19 vaccine for elections and termed the attempt as "reprehensible".

"It is ridiculous that the BJP government, which is unable to conduct a free COVID test for people, is now using the vaccine for elections. The BJP's decision to give the free vaccine to the state of Bihar only to win the election is reprehensible," he said in another tweet.
He also said the BJP's inhuman treatment of Bihari migrant workers during the lockdown shows how much they care about the common people.
On October 22, BJP released its manifesto for three-phased Bihar elections and promised that after the approval of the coronavirus vaccine from ICMR, every person in the State will get vaccinated free of cost.
"In the fight against coronavirus, the NDA government has set an example in the country. It is our resolution that as soon as the vaccine will be approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), every person in the State will be vaccinated," the manifesto said.
The Assembly elections in Bihar for 243 seats are to be held in three phases beginning October 28 and results will be declared on November 10. (ANI)