BJP leader Ram Madhav speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday. [Photo/ANI]
BJP leader Ram Madhav speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday. [Photo/ANI]

Ram Madhav advocates boycotting of Chinese goods, says Rahul Gandhi's remarks help enemy countries

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2020 15:37 IST

New Delhi [India], June 18 (ANI): BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi 's comments help inimical countries and these countries don't have to do anything and can just use opposition statements against India.
"Opposition's behaviour is very unfortunate. When the entire nation should stand with the Army and Government, it's unfortunate that the main opposition party issues statements that benefit India's enemies. They use Rahul Gandhi's statement to form their argument," Ram Madhav told ANI.
The comments came in the backdrop of the Galwan valley clash in Ladakh which claimed lives of at least 20 Indian Army personnel, including a Colonel rank officer.
The senior BJP leader also questioned what happened in 2013, when Congress-led UPA was in power. He said Chinese entered deep inside Indian territory but for 2 weeks the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh remained silent and they held secret meetings. Opposition behaviour is immature, this is the time to show unity, he said.
The senior BJP leader said that unlike the era of Dr Singh, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defence Minister and the Ministry of External Affairs are speaking to the public. "We have nothing to hide", he added.
He emphasised that from the last six years since the Narendra Modi government took charge there is a visible change, the way neighbour was nibbling away at our territory has been stopped. The senior BJP leader also rejects the claim that China has entered Indian territory.
"Prime Minister (Modi) has made it clear that every inch of our territory will be protected. We'll also take steps in other areas as well. At one level, it'll be to strongly guard our borders and to honour the sentiments of Indians who want economic measures to be taken at another level," said Ram Madhav.
Prime Minister Modi has called for an all-party meet tomorrow in which presidents of all opposition parties have been invited.
Before Prime Minister Modi called an all-party meet, opposition leaders, led by Congress had questioned the Prime Minister's silence on the violent face-off.
In an interview to ANI, Madhav termed China's act of violence as barbaric and planned, he also said India will now be using a multi-pronged approach to deal with China.
"We should be less dependent on imported products and in the long term should use our own products, the idea of Prime Minister Modi's 'aatmanirbhar bharat' should be implemented in letter and spirit," he said.
The senior BJP leader said we are with public sentiment that is in favour of boycotting Chinese products.
"We import chemicals, mobile phone parts and buttons. Are they so essential to be imported? They can be manufactured in India. We should reduce imports from other countries but specifically from China. If people want to boycott Chinese products, we respect their sentiments," he added. (ANI)