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Rakhis costing Rs 5 lakhs attract customers in Gujarat (Photo/ANI)
Rakhis costing Rs 5 lakhs attract customers in Gujarat (Photo/ANI)

Rakshabandhan: Rakhis costing Rs 5 lakh attract customers in Gujarat; details inside

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2022 15:39 IST

Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 7 (ANI): As the festival of Rakshabandhan is approaching, a shop from Surat has some really good collections of Rakhis. Starting from thread rakhis to rakhis made up of gold, silver, platinum to Diamond-studded rakhis, people are admiring the rakhis in awe.
To add a feather to the hat, the most expensive and the centre of attraction is a rakhi worth Rs 5 lakh.
The festival of Rakshabandhan is an important festival showing the relationship between brother and sister. On the day of Rakshabandhan, a sister ties a rakhi on her brother's wrist and takes a promise of protection from her brother, and then in return, the brother gives some gift by giving a promise. Keeping in mind the festival of Rakshabandhan, the country's most expensive Rakhi has been prepared in Surat, Gujarat.
A jewellery shop owner Deepak Bhai Choksi told ANI, "The rakhis prepared by us can also be worn as ornaments after Rakshabandhan. We try to celebrate this holy festival in a new way every year"
You must have been shocked to hear the cost of a Rakhi, but it is true that on the festival of Rakshabandhan, only sisters used to tie Rakhi made of silk thread on the wrists of their brothers, although this trend is still not over in rural areas. But the changing times in urban areas have changed the definition of rakhis.
A local customer, Simran Singh said, "Different types of rakhis have been made from gold, silver and platinum in a jeweller's showroom in Surat. In this showroom, rakhis ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 5 lakh have been prepared for the festival of Rakshabandhan." (ANI)