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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi)
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi)

Rahul Gandhi slams centre's proposal to farmers, questions why govt fortifying Delhi

ANI | Updated: Feb 03, 2021 16:36 IST

New Delhi [India], February 3 (ANI): While slamming the government's proposal to postpone the implementation of farm laws for two years, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday questioned why the Centre is fortifying the national capital if it plans to resolve the farmers' problems.
Addressing the media here, the former Congress president reminded the Government of its job and said, "Farmers are the strength of India. Suppressing them, beating them and threatening them is not the government's job. Their job is to talk to them and find a solution to their problem."
"Prime Minister is saying that offer is still on the table to postpone laws for two years. What does it mean? Either you believe that you need to get rid of the laws or you don't," he added.
He called farmers 'people who give us sustenance', and said, " Delhi is surrounded by farmers. Why is Delhi being converted into a fortress? Why are we threatening, beating, and killing them? Why is the Government not talking to them and not resolving this problem? This problem isn't good for the country," said Gandhi.
The Congress leader said the farmers' issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible and the government needs to listen "as farmers aren't going away".
In another dig at the BJP-led Central government, Gandhi said that at a 'time when India needs to put money in the hands of its people', the budget 2021 is for the 1 per cent population in the country."
"I had expected from the Budget that Govt will provide support to 99 per cent of India's population. But this Budget is that of the 1 per cent population. You snatched away money from people in the small and medium industry, workers, farmers, Forces and put it in the pockets of 5-10 people," he added.
The Congress leader said the Indian economy which is suffering can only get back on track by an increase in consumption, and for that, the government needs to put money in people's hand.
"You (Government) talk of privatization which will benefit them. India needs to put money in the hands of its people. If we want to restart our economy, it will only be through consumption. It is not possible from the supply side," he stated. (ANI)