CM captain Amarinder Singh slamming BJP over their reprehensible statements against farmers
CM captain Amarinder Singh slamming BJP over their reprehensible statements against farmers

Punjab CM hits out at BJP's remarks on farmers, says they are not 'anti-nationals'

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2021 21:30 IST

Chandigarh [India], March 5 (ANI): Hitting out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders over their statements on farmers, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that farm workers of Punjab are not 'anti-nationals' but are patriotic and nationalistic people.
According to a press release, the Punjab CM called for an immediate end to attempts to defame the dynamic Punjabi farmers by branding them miscreants or ultras. He said in the Assembly that "they have never done anything anti-national, they are not anti-national, and they will never do anything against the unity and integrity of this country."
"They are patriotic and nationalistic - while one son ploughs the fields in the village, the other brother is busy guarding the country's borders. These are the same people who gave their lives for the country, along with soldiers from other States too, in Galwan last year protecting the sovereignty of our country," added the Chief Minister, urging the Government of India to ensure that this defamation campaign against farmers is immediately ended.
Highlighting that despite 11 rounds of discussions, the Centre was unmoved and unconcerned about the protests of the farmers across the country, and had not taken any positive step to meet their demands.
"Instead, the statements and allegations of some of the leaders who are not familiar with the ground realities have aggravated the situation and have further anguished the farmers," the Punjab CM said.
The Chief Minister also said that it was shameful that they were heading the governments at the national level and in the neighbouring states. Their statements raised the worries and apprehensions not only of the farmers and farm workers but also of our government as these do not augur well for our future, the Chief Minister strongly condemning the use of terms "anti-national and Khalistanis" against the farmers, he added

Taking strong exception to Union Minister Piyush Goyal's allegation of the Punjab government trying to mislead farmers, the Chief Minister said there was no reason for his government to interfere in the farmers' agitation as they had always been peaceful. The Punjab Government has always supported the farmers, and shall continue to protect their interests in all circumstances, he asserted.
He also slammed Goyal on his totally claims that Maoists and anti-national elements have hijacked the farmers' protest, advising him not to provoke the peaceful farmers. In any case, if Goyal has any information on anti-nationals being part of the agitation, why does his government not take action against them, according to the press release.
Furthermore, he also sharply reacted to BJP National Secretary Tarun Chugh's allegation of the misleading and deceptive narrative being created on the agricultural bills and causing misunderstanding to spread among the farmers, asking why the Centre with all the powers at its disposal, has failed to create a narrative favourable to the farmers.
Terming Haryana Chief Manohar Lal Khattar's conduct "most regrettable", Captain Amarinder said the government of the neighbouring state had gone against the established norms of democratic functioning by using force against the agitators and also digging roads and putting barricades etc in their way.
He also lashed out at Khattar's claim on his government having "inputs" on the presence of Khalistani separatists in the ongoing farmers' agitation, and also that "the Punjab Chief Minister is fanning this protest and office bearers of the his office are leading the protest".
"If the Haryana Chief Minister has any firm information on separatist, why does he not give such information to his party's government in Delhi, instead of defaming the Punjabi farmers," asked Captain Amarinder.
The Chief Minister also lambasted other BJP leaders like Ashwani Sharma, Harjit Singh Grewal and Surjit Singh Jiyani for their shameful comments and statements on the farmers' agitation, terming their behaviour as disgraceful. (ANI)