Students from drought-hit areas say they won't go to their home during summer holidays
Students from drought-hit areas say they won't go to their home during summer holidays

Pune: Part-time jobs, social organisations help students from drought-hit regions

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2019 10:38 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 4 (ANI): Draught in many parts of Maharashtra is adversely affecting students from these regions who are living in other cities of the state for higher education or to prepare for tests for government jobs.
One such student living and studying in Pune, Deepak Kangne said, "I belong to a drought-prone district and I am preparing for competitive exams staying in Pune. My native place gets hit by drought every year and farming suffers which in turn hampers our financial situation. I do a part-time job to support my studies."
Many students from these drought-hit areas also say that they won't be going back to their homes during summer holidays as that would increase financial burden on their families.
Another student Nivrati Tiwode said, "I am from Nanded district and have been living here for four years. I do not get money from home and hence work with a catering company during weekends. I cannot go home even during vacations because I have to work during that time to earn money for fees for next year."
While, these students fight through these adversities to continue their education, there are also organisations which help them sail through these challenging times.
Tiwode said that an organisation called Student Helping Hand provides them with free food twice a day.
Vinayak another student from Nanded living in Pune said, "I do not get any financial help from my home and work on a cloth shop part-time. Students Helping Hand provides us with food two times a day."
Organisation President Kuldeep Ambedkar says, "We try to help the students who are financially struggling. 2,000 students filed an application seeking help. But due to financial constraints, we are able to provide food to 600 only."
The Government of Maharashtra has declared 151 talukas as drought affected.
On April 30, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had written to the Election Commission (EC) seeking relaxation in Model Code of Conduct (MCC) to carry out drought relief measures in the state. (ANI)