Police in Dhone town during COVID-19 awareness drive [Photo/ANI]
Police in Dhone town during COVID-19 awareness drive [Photo/ANI]

Police in Andhra's Dhone town enlist 'Yamraj', 'Chitragupta' to ensure people stay indoors

ANI | Updated: Apr 01, 2020 16:35 IST

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Apr 1 (ANI): 'Yamraj' and 'Chitragupta' captured 'Coronavirus' on the streets of Dhone town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday.
Police found an innovative way for a public awareness drive by hiring artists who dressed up as the God of Death and the God of Justice as well as one who personified the dreaded coronavirus.
The artists went around the town making people aware of the consequences of moving outdoors during the ongoing lockdown period aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID-19.

They were also heard giving out a message in Telugu:"Yamraj is looking at you. If you come out on to the roads, he will take you away."
"The police of Dhone town, are trying to create awareness on the lockdown imposed by Government of India. We are holding bandobast every day and creating awareness to the public. We brought artists in the form of Lord YamRaj and Chitragupta and coronavirus. The people should voluntarily observe lockdown, as it is a national pandemic, equivalent to war," said Sudhakar Reddy, Circle Inspector Dhone rural police station
"We cannot see the enemy directly. So if we don't follow the lock down, we will have to face adverse consequences. People are coming out in large numbers during relaxation time. We appeal to people not to do so,and come in a restricted manner," he added.
Till now, there are 1637 COVID19 cases, including 386 new positive cases since Tuesday, according to Union Ministry of Health. The ministry in its daily briefing today said 132 people have recovered and there've has been a total of 38 deaths. (ANI)