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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address on Thursday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address on Thursday.

PM Modi praises IBC for observing Buddha Purnima as prayers week for COVID-19 frontline workers

ANI | Updated: May 07, 2020 10:04 IST

New Delhi [India], May 7 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) for dedicating the Buddha Purnima festival to the frontline workers around the globe, who are engaged in tackling the COVID-19 crisis.
"You have resolved to observe this festival as prayers week, dedicating it to health workers, and other people fighting COVID-19 pandemic, around the world. I appreciate you for this compassionate initiative. I am sure that we will be able to bring humanity out of this tough challenge and reduce the problems of people, with such coordinated efforts," Modi said in his address.
Moreover, the Prime Minister also praised the Confederation for planning virtual celebrations to ensure that the people can celebrate the auspicious day despite the lockdown being in force.
"The International Buddhist Confederation deserves praise for organizing this virtual celebration even in critical conditions of lockdown. It is only because of your efforts that lakhs of followers from around the world are able to connect on this event," he said.
"The unification of festivals being held at Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Vaskaduwa temple and Sri Anuradhapur Stupa of Sri Lanka, is really beautiful. The online streaming of all puja events is a special experience in itself," he added.
Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi had extended greetings to the nation and the followers of Lord Buddha around the world.
"I extend my wishes to all on the occasion of Buddha Purnima. Today, the situation is such that I cannot participate in Buddha Purnima programmes physically. It would have been my pleasure to be with you all in the celebrations, but circumstances prevailing today do not permit us," the Prime Minister said. (ANI)