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Leader of opposition Mallikarjun Kharge asks why are banks giving big loans to Adani (Photo/ANI)
Leader of opposition Mallikarjun Kharge asks why are banks giving big loans to Adani (Photo/ANI)

"PM Misleading Nation...:"Mallikarjun Kharge asks why are public banks granting huge loans to Adani?

ANI | Updated: Feb 09, 2023 18:33 IST

New Delhi [India], February 9 (ANI): Charging the Prime Minister with attempting to "mislead the nation" over the Hinderberg-Adani row, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday asked why public financial institutions are providing huge loans to industrialist Gautam Adani when a common man is suffering to get the same sanctioned loan from the banks.
Speaking to reporters outside the parliament, Kharge said that the Prime Minister shrugged off giving a reply on Hindenberg-adani row in the parliament.
"Wealth of one person increased 13 times in 2.5 years. In 2014 it was Rs 50,000 crore while in 2019 it became Rs one lakh crore. What magic happened that suddenly in two years wealth rose to Rs 12 lakh crore," Kharge said while participating in the debate on the motion of thanks to the President's address and asked what "magic happened" that wealth of an individual rose to Rs 12 lakh crore in two years.
"We asked many questions in the parliament focusing on how Adani became rich during the last 10 years under the Centre-led BJP rule. Why are scams taking place? Why are banks providing loans to Adani?"
"I have seen a poor man who had to undergo a lot of problems in getting a loan from a bank in Gujarat, adding," But the Government facilitated a loan of Rs 82,000 crore to Adani," Kharge said.
Kharge said they are fighting to seek answers to such questions. "PM Modi is attempting to mislead the nation over the Adani row. He did not give an answer in parliament over the Adani issue".
Kharge added: "It is not prudent on part of PM Modi to blame somebody else and shrug off responsibility over the Adani row".

Kharge said that the Central government is unleashing probe agencies like the Enforcement Directorate, and the Central Bureau of Investigation to instill a sense of fear in the opposition.
"But the congress party will not be bogged down by fear. Let them do whatever they want to do. we will fight for justice. we will fight for the public," Kharge said.
Congress Chief further said that Prime Minister Should seek to give answers to pressing issues like unemployment, Inflation, and a "rising wave of hatred prevailing in the country".
The Congress leader said Prime Minister had given a slogan "na khaunga, na khane dunga".
Union Minister Piyush Goyal retorted to Kharge's remark and said the Leader of Opposition was making an allegation that cannot be substantiated.
"It has absolutely no basis. He is talking of a purported wealth," Goyal said.
Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the Congress leader's remarks were "infused with insinuation against PM Modi and that's what we are objecting to". "It is subtly, overtly insinuating against Prime Minister." The Prime Minister will reply to the debate in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. (ANI)