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Members of PHD Chamber with BJP leader Ram Madhav in New Delhi on Thursday [Photo/ANI]
Members of PHD Chamber with BJP leader Ram Madhav in New Delhi on Thursday [Photo/ANI]

PHD Chamber makes more donation to PM CARES Fund to fight COVID-19

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2020 15:38 IST

New Delhi [India], May 21 (ANI): The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday donated Rs 1 crore 21 thousand to the PM CARES fund to fight coronavirus.
The organisation has so far donated Rs 528 crore to the fund in the fight against COVID-19.
DK Aggarwal, President of PHD Chamber of Commerce, along with other members handed over a cheque to BJP leader Ram Madhav at his house in the afternoon.

"In two months, a huge amount of money has been given under PM CARES Fund to combat COVID-19. Even today, a donation has been made to the PM CARES Fund in the form of a cheque and we thank the PHD Chamber of Commerce for making the donation, keeping in mind its social responsibility," Madhav told ANI.
"We had collected money by urging our members to donate. A total of Rs 528 crore has been collected for PM Cares Fund. The remaining amount of Rs 1 crore 20 thousand has been given to Ram Madhav Ji by a cheque today," Aggarwal said.
Aggarwal also lauded the Centre for announcing financial packages for the MSME in these testing times. "The industry is very happy with this package as it will create liquidity. The liquidity that is around 15 lakh crore will come into the system and demand will also be generated in the market," he said.
Apart from the donation, a discussion was also held over the problems the MSME sector is facing in the country due to the COVID-19 crisis.
"The relief package announced by the Centre recently will surely create liquidity in the market and will also create demand. We want the government to reimburse the amount of the pending bills. We have made suggestions regarding the same," Aggarwal further said. (ANI)