A visual of the people outside the medical store in Indore. Photo/ANI
A visual of the people outside the medical store in Indore. Photo/ANI

People gather in front of medical store in Indore due to shortage of Remdesivir injections

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2021 23:52 IST

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], April 9 (ANI): The shortage of Remdesivir injection in Indore is not ending and today many people gathered in front of a medical store blocking the road.
Police intervened and the crowd was removed later.
"I am standing in the queue since yesterday. We did 'chakka jam' today. Police urged to clear the road. The doctor said patient needs Remdesivir injection. No one is helping us," said a customer.
People are not aware that Remdesivir is also sold by other medical shops and not only 'Quality drug store'. However, small shop owners do not have Remedisivir.
Hundreds of people every day try to get this injection resulting in crowding at places, which is dangerous for spread of coronavirus as these people must be in the proximity of their near ones having COVID-19.

Although the government has sent two thousand Remdivisir injections to Indore MGM College, which are to be given to poor patients in government hospitals, but no decision has been taken by MGM about this.
After two days, college dean Dr. Sanjay Dixit is not able to give an answer when and to whom these Remdsivir will be distributed.
The shutter of Kwality Medical did not open today. The people were given tokens yesterday and were called today. But even today the injection did not come, so the shop was not opened. Angry people expressed their displeasure against the administration.
In view of this incident, Additional Collector Dr Abhay Arvind Bedekar told ANI that, Remdsivir is coming that is required. Remdsvir is sold at more than 30 medical stores in Indore apart from the quality drug store located in the drug market, but people are crowding at this one shop.
He said, "Although there is still a shortage of injections, perhaps the situation will improve if the injection is also sent by the government."
"The administration has taken action against the black marketers of Remdesivir and sealed the Raj Medical Store. For oxygen is also being supplied from Pithampur Industrial Area, since last night three teams are engaged in the same work headed by me," Bedekar added. (ANI)