Rani Devi along with her family members outside Delhi's AIIMS Hospital (Photo/ANI)
Rani Devi along with her family members outside Delhi's AIIMS Hospital (Photo/ANI)

Patients, attendants outside AIIMS Delhi suffer due to lack of amenities amid lockdown

ANI | Updated: Apr 20, 2020 01:36 IST

By Sahil Pandey
New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI): Many patients and their attendants are left stranded outside prestigious AIIMS institute, in a night shelter due to the lack of basic amenities amid lockdown.
Patients who were scheduled for appointment prior to the implementation of lockdown are now left with no where to go as they don't have access to transportation and basic amenities which have forced them to accommodate in a night shelter.
One such patient is Jaiprakash who hails from Gazipur in Bihar. He came to Delhi along with his father for cardiac operation that was scheduled on March 30. But now their situation is in marooned state.
While narrating his present situation he told ANI, "I have difficulty in walking as I have cardiac issue. I was going through my treatment for past six months. My operation was scheduled on March 30. We came early but doctor told us that due to the lockdown my operation will not take place."
Describing his ordeals in night shelter, he added, "We thought of going back to our home state but we are unable to go. In night shelter we are being bitten by mosquitoes which makes it difficult to stay. We don't have water for basic needs and we are not able to get proper food."
His father Ramvilar a farmer by profession said they have fulfilled all the requirements but now due to lockdown, doctor is not treating his child. He is stressed that there is nobody at home and his farms are not being looked after as it is harvest season.

Another attendant Rani Devi who hails from Bihar accompanied her cancer patient son Dheeraj Kumar to AIIMS Delhi for the treatment. But now they are as helpless as there is no transport to go back to their state.
"Due to lockdown his treatment has stopped. We are facing difficulty as we came to Delhi around 1 month back. Although we rely on food from government but I want my son to be treated. I am a poor person and can't do anything now," she said.
Another attendant Virender Kumar from Etawah in Uttar Pradesh accompanied his younger brother who was discharged on March 24 after having heart operation and was asked to come back one week after but due to lockdown they are forced to stay in night shelter.
"We thought lockdown would be lifted on April 15, but that is not the case. We are not able to go back to our home. My brother's heart valve got changed in AIIMS on March 13. I was staying outside AIIMS but after getting discharged we are living in this camp which lacks basic amenities," Virender told ANI.
He said he can't even bear the transportation cost but he is resolved to go back to his home as soon as possible.
Govind Kumar from Bihar also echoed similar ordeal as he has blood related problem and his treatment was going on in AIIMS. Doctors have asked him to bring donor but due to lockdown he finds it difficult to search for the suitable person.
"As the lockdown is going on how will I find a donor for my treatment. I came on March 17 and I m sleeping outside Safdarjung hospital. I have no money. My condition is deteriorating," Kumar said.
For people like Kumar and their attendants, life has come to a standstill and they have nowhere to go as they hope for the relaxation of the lockdown to move ahead in life. (ANI)