Visual from market in Nashik, Maharashtra. Photo/ANI
Visual from market in Nashik, Maharashtra. Photo/ANI

Onion farmers in Nashik face hardships during lockdown, request govt intervention

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2020 08:35 IST

Nashik (Maharashtra) [India], May 4 (ANI): Onion farmers from Nashik, the country's biggest onion growing region, are alleging that they are facing financial hardships owing to the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.
"Market committee told us to bring our yield after packing it in sacks. It involves a minimum expense of Rs 100. In addition, there is labour charge, packing and transportation cost too," Santosh Navle, a farmer told ANI here.
"We're earning only Rs 500-600 per quintal now. But expenses are equally high. Customers are not coming to markets. The price of onion has also fallen. Monsoon season is about to come. Only some farmers have space to store their produce, many don't," he added.

Some farmers also claimed that labour availability is not adequate and warned that their problems will further deepen in the coming days if the government does not provide help.
"The government should provide some help to us. It should also start buying onions from farmers so that we can at least break even," he said.
A trader at the wholesale market agreed with farmers' sentiments and added that traders were helpless in coming to their rescue.
"Farmers are not getting the right prices for their produce. Onion prices are falling due to massive stock arrival. There are also transportation issues for farmers. Till buyers are able to come and purchase we are unable to help," the trader said. (ANI)