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Visulas from the spot (Photo/ANI)
Visulas from the spot (Photo/ANI)

One dead, several injured after bus overturns hitting divider

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2022 13:46 IST

Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) [India], December 2 (ANI): A tragic road accident claimed a life while twenty other passengers were injured when a private travel bus overturned after crashing in the divider on the national highway in the Chittoor district.
The deceased has been identified as Vijay.
The incident took place on Thursday at midnight on the Bengaluru and Vijayawada national highway at Palamaneru cattle farms.

"We all were in deep sleep, it was around 12:00 at the midnight. I heard a big sound and I came to know that the bus has overturned and many have sustained minor injuries. I think the driver fell asleep while driving the bus," said a passenger.
The police believe that the accident may have taken place while the driver was under the influence of sleep.
"We found a bus overturned in Palamaneru cattle farms by hitting the divider, One dead in this accident another few passengers were injured. We identified the deceased as Vijay from Guntur," said the police officials.
The case is under investigation further details are to be known. (ANI)