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Odisha officials to visit disputed area near AP border

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2018 07:14 IST

Koraput (Odisha) [India], Apr 09 (ANI): In the wake of the reports of intrusion activities by Andhra Pradesh government in Koraput district, the Odisha government will soon be sending a team of officials here to take a stock of the situation.

Kotia gram panchayat has 28 villages out of which 21 are on disputed zone between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh since 1956.

The decision was taken after a fresh report of the construction of a road in Kotia gram panchayat by Andhra Pradesh government surfaced.

As per information, the construction work is being carried out at one of the disputed village Tala Ganjeipadar.

The ex-district magistrate of Koraput, G. Parida, rebuffed the reports of dispute and said the area has been with Odisha since 1945.

"There is no dispute; the area is in Odisha map since 1945. Odisha did not implement developmental programmes here, because of which Andhra Government is trying to lure tribals by offering freebies. Odisha government is thinking about its development for the first time," Parida said

Interestingly, a villager claimed that they cast votes on both sides of the border and said their village has sarpanch from Odisha as well as Andhra Pradesh.

"This is a disputed site. We cast votes in Andhra Pradesh, as well as in Odisha. Our village has sarpanch from both the states- Biswanath Khila from Odisha and Bisu Gemel from Andhra Pradesh," said the villager.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan will also visit the area today to review the situation.

Earlier in 2006, the Supreme Court had ordered status quo on the disputed area.

The dispute between the two states came to light when both the Odisha and Andhra Pradesh governments issued separate voter and ID cards to the people of the area. (ANI)