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Ganga Utsav 2020 (Photo/ANI)
Ganga Utsav 2020 (Photo/ANI)

NMCG organises three-day virtual 'Ganga Utsav 2020'

ANI | Updated: Nov 02, 2020 19:55 IST

New Delhi [India], November 2 (ANI): A three-day virtual 'Ganga Utsav 2020' aimed at spreading awareness about river Ganga and the need to keep the river clean and rejuvenated is being organised in New Delhi.
The three-day event also marks the 12th anniversary of Ganga being accorded the status of National River.
Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, the Director-General, National Mission for Clean Ganga said, NMCG has been endeavouring to gain people's active involvement in the giant exercise of conserving the river.
"4th November is the day when Ganga was declared National River so to commemorate that we have started celebrating an Utsav. The purpose is to involve people with this river and conservation. People are deeply attached to this river but we require more of their involvement in improving the condition of the river. Government is doing its bit. Projects are getting completed but people involvement is essential to see that it is remaining healthy. So, we have organized three-day Ganga Utsav and it's on a virtual platform which has just started today," said Mishra.
"This festival is to celebrate the glory of National river Ganga. Only if the younger generation is made aware of her ancient history and cultural significance, they will revere her not just as a source of water but as an integral part of our civilization." We need to do our kartvva (duty) towards Ganga along with our deep-rooted astha. Ganga represents all rivers and sources of water and the festival is designed to be a river festival too," e added.
Apart from the capital New Delhi, the festival was also organised in several other districts. Different countries across the world expressed their support for the event.

Shin Bongkil, Korean Ambassador to India said Ganga is important not only for India but for the whole world as a symbol of Indian spiritual mysticism.
Walter J. Lindner, German Ambassador to India praised NMCG efforts and congratulated Ganga Utsav.
Marten van den Berg, Netherland Ambassador to India gave his greetings to Ganga Utsav. He said, "Netherland government is committed to working with India. Together we can get the Ganga cleaned and keep it clean."
The Ganga Utsav has now become an annual event for National Mission for Clean Ganga. The celebrations have been kept low key owing to pandemic this year.
Everything from cultural programmes to quiz competition is being held virtually. The authorities say they are planning to connect more citizens to their programme in coming times.
Rozy Agarwal, Executive Director (Finance), NMCG said: "We have created a dedicated website where people can go and login, where they learn about what is Ganga, what is Ganga Utsav and they can directly, you know, see the programmes which are being held virtually and connect."
River Ganga holds a significant economic, environmental and cultural value in India. Over the years, the National Mission for Clean Ganga has taken several initiatives to clean Ganga by building infrastructures and creating awareness among the masses. (ANI)