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Fabric Jewellery made by Jayati Dave, owner of 'Ae Re Sakhi'
Fabric Jewellery made by Jayati Dave, owner of 'Ae Re Sakhi'

Mother-Daughter duo turns entrepreneur in Gujarat's Vadodra, sells jewellery made of recycled fabric

ANI | Updated: Aug 06, 2021 10:16 IST

Vadodra (Gujarat) [India], August 6 (ANI): In a unique business initiative, a mother and daughter duo turned entrepreneur during the COVID pandemic, by making jewellery out of recycled fabric and selling it on social media.
Jayati Dave, a resident of the Akota region in Vadodra used to work with a fashion enterprise earlier but during the COVID-19 pandemic she started her enterprise 'Ae Ri Sakhi' while she was at home.

Jayati has been making ethnic and modern jewellery including fabric earrings by recycling waste cardboard, packaging material, and waste fabric at home. This mother-daughter duo is running their business through social media by showcasing their products there.
"We collect scrap fabric from different sources and recycle it. Instead of plastic, we use reusable boxes for packaging," Jayati Dave, Founder of 'Ae Ri Sakhi' told ANI on Thursday.
When her entire family including Jayati got infected with COVID and they were home quarantined, then she took advantage of this period and thought of doing something different.

She thought of doing something in the field of fashion itself and while she was at home, she made a piece of jewellery from waste material and showed it to her friends and Relatives and everyone liked it.
She was advised by her relatives and friends to turn her creation into a business model. Hence, she started a workshop at her home and began the business of making fabric jewelry from waste material.
"Corona came as a curse for millions of people. Some people lost their loved ones, some lost their jobs, some lost their business, and some faced heavy financial losses due to hospitalization expenses," said Jayati.
"But for me, the Corona period proved to be a blessing," added Jayati.

Jayati got immense support from her mother Hema Dave. Her mother not only helped Jayati in making the jewelry but also helped in packaging and logistics.
Jayati's mother Hema said, " I believe that due to the space and time Jayati got during the Corona period, she was able to start such a good business".
Jayati's mother was the one who thought of turning the business into a brand and named it "Ae Ri Sakhi". Jayati's mother has been handling the work of packaging the products and deliveries to the customers.
The mother-daughter duo has hired a woman for helping them in their business and through this, they have also generated small employment. (ANI)