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Migratory birds flock to the city of Surat (Photo ANI)
Migratory birds flock to the city of Surat (Photo ANI)

Migratory birds flock to Gujarat's Surat with advent of winter season

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2020 20:46 IST

Surat (Gujarat) [India], December 2 (ANI): The city of Surat witnessed the arrival of migratory birds, including brown-headed gulls and Siberian seabirds, with the advent of the winter season, on Wednesday.
With the arrival of the winter season and the onset of the months of November to January, birds from Siberia, Russia, and other cold regions migrate to South Asia in search of food. Many such birds migrate to Surat here. Every morning, they sit at the banks of the river Tapi. A bird known as the Brown-headed gull is attracting the people of the city these days.
It was seen that the fearless birds are not afraid of people getting near to them. The bird also eats food from the hands of the people.

According to the Darshan Desai, Head of Prayas NGO said, "Many such birds migrate to Surat during this time."
Desai added that many birds migrate because they cannot adapt to the harsh weather conditions of one place. "These Siberian Seabirds migrate from cold places to India. Brown-headed gulls also migrate to this city. Migratory birds come here in search of food and water. The birds migrate back to other places in the months of February and March," he said.
Sagar Thakker, a local, shared that he witnesses these migratory birds each year.
"They come from really far off places. These birds are Siberian Seabirds and they come here every year during the winter season. I enjoy watching these birds with my family," he added. (ANI)