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Men's Health Week 2022: Expert tips on what you need to do to manage Psoriasis

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2022 22:56 IST

New Delhi [India], June 17 (ANI): Psoriasis, a skin disease, affects over 25 million patients in India, and contributes to nearly 20 per cent of the total Global Disease Burden. Very often, men tend to avoid its treatment. With the Men's Health Week 2022 underway, there cannot be a better time to discuss what they need to do to manage the disease properly.
According to studies, men are two times more likely to be affected by psoriasis than women. However, considering Psoriasis as 'just a skin problem', a large number of men tend to avoid medical treatment which eventually increases the severity and causes harm. Hence, there cannot be a better time to talk about one of the most neglected conditions of men.
Psoriasis in men is generally more challenging, due to predefined masculinity standards and gender stereotypes. Men managing psoriasis should keep a check on a few specific symptoms such as itchy beard, hair loss and flaky skin.
However, with several advanced therapy options available, including Biologics, regular communication with your dermatologist will help them to determine the most effective treatment and manage symptoms successfully.
Its also imperative, to comply with treatment protocols along with following recommended lifestyle changes which ensure effective management of Psoriasis.
Speaking on the issue, Dr Rajiv Sekhri, Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital said that out of all the psoriasis patients, nearly 60 per cent are males.
"Psoriasis is a chronic condition marked by dry, thick, raised patches of itchy, flaky skin. On the basis my clinical observation, out of all the psoriasis patients we see, nearly 60 per cent are male. Men often tend to shy away from consulting a dermatologist or either drop out of treatment mid-way owing to various reasons - including lack of awareness about the severity of Psoriasis, apprehensive towards discussing intricate health issues, or feeling unmotivated to continue treatment," he said.
"This non-compliance is a major roadblock for effective psoriasis management. However, there are several expert-approved treatment options, specific to men's care. Advanced treatment options including Biologics are extremely effective in disrupting the disease cycle and providing relief," Dr Sekhri added.
Some of the tips to manage Psoriasis include the very basic: do not shy away from consulting a dermatologist.
Early intervention is the best way to control psoriasis. Timely dermatologist conversations can help patients get credible advice to understand symptoms and therapy options, while also mitigating the risks of developing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, anxiety, or cardiovascular diseases.
The other method of timely management of the disease is to identify what triggers it and take steps to avoid it.
Patients can identify individual triggers by tracking their symptoms over time. Stress and smoking are known to be common triggers for psoriasis. Indulging in activities like meditation or yoga and avoiding smoking or tobacco consumption can help avoid symptom aggravation. Additionally, too much swimming or exposure to the sun can cause injuries that lead to flare-ups.
Making the required and necessary lifestyle changes is one of the effective ways to manage Psoriasis.
Along with medication, a healthy lifestyle is important for holistic management of psoriasis. A balanced diet, regular exercise, limiting alcohol and adequate sleep is fundamental.
If you develop the disease, understand, it is really important to find the right treatment for it.
It is important to talk with your dermatologist about specific areas of concern such as the scalp or genitals. A specialist may use specific treatment techniques such as advanced therapy targeted for these areas.
It is time for the men to be aware of some necessary tips they need to follow, and what better time than the Men's Health Week 2022 to raise awareness on Psoriasis.
Remember, timely and regular treatment along with holistic lifestyle modifications can help psoriasis patients lead healthy and happy life. (ANI)