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Rampuri Knife. (Photo/ANI)
Rampuri Knife. (Photo/ANI)

Market of famous 'Rampuri Chaku' diminishing; craftsmen seek govt aid for revival of business

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2022 00:39 IST

By Sahil Pandey
Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], February 14 (ANI): 'Rampuri Chaku', a knife, which was made famous by many Bollywood movies, is now struggling in sales as only two sellers and two craftsmen are left in the city of Uttar Pradesh's Rampur.
The knifemakers have urged the government to help in the revival of the business.

Rampuri knife seller Shehzad told ANI, "Rampuri knife is a 100-year-old business. It used to be made during the time of Nawab. If we talk about its history then many workers used to work here as 400 factories were set up around 1995. But now only two shops are there and two makers left in the city."
Citing the reason for the crunch in business, Shehzad said during 1995 there was a ban (on knives with blades longer than 4.5 inches), which resulted in a loss in business and eventually, its business was finished by 2000.
"In last 2-3 years, Uttar Pradesh government promoted Rampuri knife business which is helpful," he added.

The Rampuri was a preferred weapon for 1970 and 1980s Bollywood villains.

On asking about the demand, as Rampur goes for the polls on February 14 in the second phase of the elections in the state, Shehzad said, "The ban should be removed and Rampuri knife which is a traditional identity as the act it destroyed the industry and now we don't have much work. If that act wouldn't have been there then more than 1000 workshops would have been established."
Talking about the condition of knife craftsmen, Irshad Ali, who has been working for last 60 years making Rampuri knife said, "Earlier my father used to make Rampuri knives. It is our traditional work. For the past 15-16 years it has been destroyed but how can we restart the business? Everything is expensive and we need money to keep the business going."
He urged the government to look into the condition of knifemakers financially as well.

"Government should help if they can. This is old work and Rampuri knife is famous work of the city. If the government helps then it can again pick up. Right now we are doing alone and if help is given then we can again pick up and many workers will join. Presently only 2-3 craftsmen are left," Ali said.
The second phase of polling for the state assembly is scheduled for February 14.
Altogether 55 assembly constituencies will go to the polls in the second phase covering nine districts of Saharanpur, Bijnor, Amroha, Sambhal, Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly, Budaun and Shahjahanpur. (ANI)