Tauseef Ahmed speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI
Tauseef Ahmed speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI

Mangaluru based activist distribute free water bowls to help stray animals

ANI | Updated: Jan 11, 2020 19:17 IST

Mangaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 11 (ANI): With an aim to provide water to stray animals in Mangaluru, an animal activist announced a project 'Jal' under which free water bowls will be distributed to the people across the city.
Tauseef Ahmed believes many animals and birds do not find source to drink water which leads to death.
"Finding clean and safe drinking water has been a major issue in a lot of places. We humans when we face some scarcity we manage by taking the water out from the well," Ahmed told ANI.
"Unfortunately, that's not the case with when it comes to animals and birds. They do not find sources for water to drink so they eventually end up drinking sewage water and they fall sick. In some cases, even that is not available and due to dehydration, they die," he added.

Under the "Jal" project, Ahmed will distribute free water bowls to the people and expects them to make equal efforts in saving the lives of the animals.
"So, this project "Jal" will be providing 100 free water bowls all over Mangaluru. We are distributing it free of cost. All you have to do is keep the bowls outside in the garden or any places where animals frequently visit. Every day, we just have to fill the bowls with water for the animals. It will help a lot of animals to survive in the harsh weather of summers," Ahmed highlighted.
"We have used cement to make the bowls which will keep the eater really cool. We are spending close to 74 rs per bowl. We have made around 100 bowls and will continue making it. We are trying to cover as many animals as we can," he said. (ANI)