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Ashok, a surrendered Naxal with his family (Photo/ANI)
Ashok, a surrendered Naxal with his family (Photo/ANI)

Maha: Gadchiroli Police helps surrendered Naxals undergo vasectomy reopening surgeries to lead better life

ANI | Updated: Jan 16, 2020 17:04 IST

Gadchiroli (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 16 (ANI): In a bid to provide a better life to the surrendered Naxals, Gadchiroli Police has taken an initiative to help them undergo vasectomy reopening surgeries so that they can start their own family and lead a better life.
Naxals who have left the path of Naxalism are now getting a chance to undergo vasectomy reopening surgery and start their own family. So far, the police have conducted the reverse vasectomy operation of about 30 Naxalites and some of them have also been blessed with children of their own.
Shailesh Balakwade, Superintendent of Police (SP) is considering this initiative as an important step in improving the life of dedicated Naxalites.
"In the last one year, around 34 Naxals have surrendered before us, including the senior cadre of Naxals. After surrendering they used to request us for vasectomy reopening surgery so that they can start a new life. So now these surgeries are conducted in the civil and general hospitals," said Balakwade.
"So far 30 Naxals have undergone the surgery and six more will be undergoing this surgery," he added.
Hundreds of Naxalites have surrendered in the last few years under the 'Atmasamarpan' scheme of the Gadchiroli Police. Under the rehabilitation policy, only the police are now giving chance to the Naxals for vasectomy reopening.
"Earlier when I was on the path of Naxalism, I had to undergo the vasectomy process forcefully. Then we decided to surrender and we underwent the vasectomy reopening surgery and I have recently got blessed with a baby girl," Ashok, a surrendered Naxal told ANI.
Sandeep, another Naxal who recently surrendered wants to start a family of his own by undergoing vasectomy reopening surgery.
"I had to undergo the sterilization process before my marriage. I wanted to start a family and have babies so later I underwent the sterilization reversal surgery and now I am blessed with a 14-month old baby girl. I am really happy," said Jano Hedo. (ANI)