Rohit Mehta, IRS officer who is also known as Green Man of India speaking to ANI. (Photo/ANI)
Rohit Mehta, IRS officer who is also known as Green Man of India speaking to ANI. (Photo/ANI)

Ludhiana IRS officer, a nature lover, increasing green cover using Ayurveda

ANI | Updated: Sep 14, 2020 15:08 IST

By Karan Kapoor
Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], September 14 (ANI): An IRS officer in Ludhiana, who is also known as Green Man of India, has come up with a unique plan to save the environment and increase the green cover through his micro-forest initiative.
With an aim to reduce the pollution level, Rohit Mehta, an IRS officer along with the government, has planted more than 7.5 lakh trees and around 75 forests across the country. He has been using the scientific method to improve plant growth and has planted ancient Indian plants like Banyan, Peepal, Amla, Neem, etc.
Mehta believes what Ayurveda means for humans, so is the significance of trees for the environment.
He has also been asked by the National Green Tribunal and the Municipal Corporation to help them clean the 40-year old Buddha Nulla in Ludhiana. To which, Mehta has assured them to plant around 300 more forests to keep the water and air clean.
Mehta has been posted as Assistant Commissioner in the Income Tax Office of Ludhiana.
On being asked about his love for nature and how it started, he told ANI, "Three years ago, the pollution level reached so high that the schools were closed. My son also said that the schools have been closed due to the rise in pollution levels in Punjab. If it continues, people will have to carry an oxygen cylinder in the next 10 years. After this thought, I decided to work for the betterment of people and the environment."
And only in 2.5 years, Mehta managed to plant 7.5 lakh trees and 77 forests all over India. Now he has a dream of planting at least 1,000 forests in a year and spread awareness among people to plant more trees, which will help in reducing population levels.
Mehta uses the scientific method mentioned in an ancient book on Vedas for trees. The book talks about the placement of the plants.

"We plant 1,700 trees of 17 variety in a forest which help each other to get food and grow up to 15 feet within a time span of six months. These plants exhale oxygen for a lifetime," Mehta said.
Impressed by his endeavors, many people have joined Mehta's initiative.
President of Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib Ludhiana Pritpal Singh Pali said that they have two days off and they plant trees during those two days.
They have set a precedent by planting forests in Gurudwaras, temples, factories, and in the surplus lands of the people.
Pali said, "Initially, Rohit planted thousands of saplings in his office naming it Vertical Garden. People were very impressed with Rohit's initiative. Inspired from his initiative, Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib took up the initiative and planted a vertical garden.
"Planting a forest on the ground helped in reducing the amount of pollution," Pali added. For this, Pali thanked Mehta and said, "Such officers are motivating people to plant more trees."
Bhavan Goyal, a factory owner of edible oil said, "We were concerned about the rise in pollution level as a large number of people work with us. We contacted IRS officer Rohit Mehta to help us for the same."
"He planted forest in the area of one acre and planted trees in the entire factory. This has made a difference in the climate near the factory and has improved the health of our employees. The air has become so clean that the working capacity has also increased."
Mehta dreams of a pollution-free country, and hence his quest to plant as many trees as possible continues. (ANI)