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Mahant Madhuban Das Sidh speaking to ANI in Ayodhya on Monday. (Photo/ANI)
Mahant Madhuban Das Sidh speaking to ANI in Ayodhya on Monday. (Photo/ANI)

Litigant Mahant Dharamdas, others begin Hanuman paath for Ram temple construction

ANI | Updated: Sep 10, 2019 15:04 IST

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept 10 (ANI): Mahant Dharamdas, a primary litigant in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute, along with other priests on Monday started a Hanuman Chalisa paath here and said that the same will go on until the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya begins.
Dharamdas said that he has full faith that within 1 month, the decision will come in favour of the construction of Ram temple.
"We are praying to Lord Hanuman so that he resolves all the problems occurring in the Ram temple case. We want the decision to come in our favour," Mahant Madhuban Das Sidh told ANI.
Adding he said: "Dharma Das ji Maharaj is a mahant of the Math. He is the main litigant in the case. There were several cases filed against his Guru Abhiram Baba Das by opposition parties in the case. When the charge of the temple was taken away, his student Dharam Das ji was a priest at the temple and he is the only heir."
"The Hanuman paath will ease all difficulties in the case. Everyone should do paath of Hanuman Chalisa every day. We will continue our paath till the temple is constructed. It will be made under Dharma Das ji's guidance," Dr Santosh Kumar Pandey, a local, said.
The apex court has been conducting the day-to-day hearing into the case.
Fourteen appeals are pending before the apex court against the 2010 Allahabad High Court verdict which ordered equal division of the 2.77-acre disputed land in Ayodhya among the three parties - Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla.
The 16th-century Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6, 1992. (ANI)