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Former Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Lieutenant General Satish Dua (File Photo/ANI)
Former Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Lieutenant General Satish Dua (File Photo/ANI)

Lieutenant General Satish Dua requests stranded Indians in Ukraine to move out in planned, organised manner amid air raids

ANI | Updated: Mar 02, 2022 19:12 IST

New Delhi [India], March 2 (ANI): Former Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Lieutenant General Satish Dua requested stranded Indian nationals in conflict-ridden Ukraine, especially students to venture out in a planned, organised manner amid air raids.
Dua was speaking to ANI on precautions that should be taken by Indian nationals stranded in conflict-ridden Ukraine and waiting to get evacuated.
"In a situation like Ukraine, bombs, missiles and bullets do not distinguish between a soldier and civilian. They both face an equal risk of life. The persons stranded in cities under attack should realise the gravity of the situation and they should not venture out for food or other items," he said.
He added that they should seek shelter in bomb shelters, bunkers or basements of buildings to keep themselves safe. It is not a normal situation, it is a war-like situation," he added.

He suggested that stranded persons should try to manage with less rather than exposing themselves to the situation. They should keep water, little food and mobile charger with them to reach out to authorities and be well informed about ongoing situations or warnings issued to civilians.
"It is a very tricky situation, I say it better to be organized and move out. If there are air raids and alarms then delay your departures," he added.
"Indian nationals stranded in the situation have to search for via media for themselves regarding how much to expose or venture out. I have got to know from the media that the Ukrainian government is planning a green corridor for the safe evacuation of people. The situation is tough and do not believe in rumours. Ministry of External Affairs and the Government of India is working on evacuation. Indian Air Force is also there. Prayers are with them and all Indian Citizens will come back home safely," he said while assuring that the government is taking all measures to bring back Indians home.
Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Tuesday said that Indian nationals have left Kyiv and nearly 60 per cent of Indians in Ukraine have left the country so far.
He said out of an estimated 20,000 Indian citizens in Ukraine, 60 per cent have left the country since the first advisory was issued by the government. (ANI)