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Kochi Area Pulling Regatta
Kochi Area Pulling Regatta

Kochi Area Pulling Regatta organised by Southern Naval Command

ANI | Updated: Mar 26, 2022 22:53 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], March 26 (ANI): The Kochi Area Pulling Regatta 2022 of the Southern Naval Command was conducted in the Ernakulam Channel on Saturday.
In a keenly contested event, the combined team from Anti-Submarine Warfare School and Diving School won the overall Regatta Trophy (called The Cock). The team from Signal School and 1TS secured the Runners Up position. Races during the regatta were conducted in the traditional pulling 'whalers' and held in four different categories such as Junior Sailors, Senior Sailors, Officers and Best Whaler. The boats had to cover a distance of about 1 km in the Ernakulam Channel, starting from the Venduruthy Bridge. Six teams, formed from all major units of the SNC based at Kochi, participated in the regatta.

The Boat Pulling Regatta is one of the most prestigious and traditional naval sporting activities conducted in the Indian Navy. Winning the 'Regatta Cock' is a matter of great pride and honour for the team which finishes first overall.
The boats used in the regatta are 27-foot-long 'whalers' - a type of sea boat - each manned by a crew of five 'pullers' (rowers) and one coxswain (helm). The boats are named 'whalers' as they were used in earlier days for catching whales at sea.

Historically, pulling a bank of oars represents the earliest form of propulsion. The pulling regatta has been a sailor's way of re-emphasising the important virtue of pulling together in harmony. The whale was hunted not only for meat but also for extracting oil for lighting lamps as there was no electricity.
For the modern sea-going fraternity, it signifies teamwork, enthusiasm, camaraderie and 'josh'. Thus, winning the whaler boat pulling regatta traditionally became the epitome of strength, stamina and excellence. The 'Regatta' is considered a signature event of the Navy which requires the highest standards of physical and mental fitness as well as strength, teamwork, coordination, sustained hard work along with dedicated practice. (ANI)