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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan (Photo/ANI)
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan (Photo/ANI)

Kerala Governor alleges senior leader's involvement in 2019 Kannur heckling incident

ANI | Updated: Sep 19, 2022 15:31 IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], September 19 (ANI): Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Monday alleged that a senior political leader who is presently working in the Chief Minister's office was involved in the heckling attack on him at an event held in Kannur University in December 2019.
"Whatever happened with me in Kannur had happened in the presence of many police personnel. In the video from then, you can see a senior political functionary, who is now in CM office, preventing police from acting," said Governor Khan addressing a press conference at Raj Bhavan here.
Khan played videos from the inauguration of the 80th Indian History Congress at Kannur University.
The Governor further slammed the state government and said: "We are living in a state where the convenor of the ruling front is banned from flying for unruly behaviour...They believe in the legitimacy of force to silence dissent, differences of opinion and liquidate those whom they consider their class enemies."
Earlier on Sunday, Governor Khan alleged that the Kerala Police did not register a case in the three-year-old matter of attack on him because Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was involved in the matter.
"If the police did not register the case, it was because of the in-charge of the Home Minister who is currently the state's Chief Minister who had specifically instructed them (police) to not to report it," Governor Khan told mediapersons.
Referring to the attack on him three years ago, Governor Khan alleged that the Kannur University Vice Chancellor was used to ensure his availability so that he could be attacked. This was a conspiracy, Khan said.
"They wanted to frighten me and there is no way," he further said wondering if stopping the police personnel from acting was a part of a conspiracy or a "mere favouritism" that according to the governor is seen everywhere.
"The personal staff of ministers are entitled to a lifelong pension for two years time. This is looting. How do you expect me to remain silent if the exchequer is being looted?... All documentary evidence will be produced (to the media) tomorrow," he said. (ANI)