The art piece created by 'DaVinci' Suresh.
The art piece created by 'DaVinci' Suresh.

Kerala: Artist uses bakery products to create Theyyam art

ANI | Updated: Oct 11, 2021 10:38 IST

Kannur (Kerala) [India], October 11 (ANI): A Kerala-based artist has used biscuits and other bakery products to create an installation to depict Kerala's ritualistic art form Theyyam.

'DaVinci' Suresh, as he is popularly known, took nearly 15 hours to make this gigantic art piece that is 24 feet in length. 

The art piece has been made in the hall of a bakery in Kannur over several tables put together in the centre of the hall. 

As many as 25,000 biscuits of various colours and sizes and other bakery products have been used to make the face of Theyyam.

The artist uses different mediums to create art pieces and this is his 79th medium. 

"This art form has been created in 'Bake Story' bakery. The artwork is 24 feet in length. It took me 15 hours to complete the work. Many friends from the bakery helped me to complete this," said the artist

Chef Muhammad Rashid of 'Bake Story' bakery had invited Suresh to make the art piece at his bakery. 

"We have invited DaVinci Suresh, who made the artwork of North Malabar's traditional art form Theyyam using bakery items. Bake Story bakery from Kannur also became part of DaVinci Suresh's 100 medium plan," said the chef. 

Later all these bakery products were handed over to a veterinary farm for biodegrading. (ANI)