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Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar (File Photo/ANI)
Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar (File Photo/ANI)

Kerala Agriculture Minister harvests vegetables to promote 'Subhiksha Keralam' programme

ANI | Updated: Dec 16, 2020 12:09 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], December 16 (ANI): In order to promote Kerala Government's "Subhiksha Keralam" programme, started during the Covid-19 period for smooth coordination between existing agriculture schemes in the state, State Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar on Tuesday harvested vegetables, potatoes and other food crops in the outskirts of Aluva Guest House.
He stayed here for eight months when he was in-charge of Ernakulam district for Covid-19. At that time, he had planted these.
"State government started a programme, named 'Subhiksha Keralam' during the COVID period to coordinate all the existing schemes for the promotion of agriculture. It is with the aim of becoming self-sufficient by cultivating the vegetables and other crops we need in every home and wasteland," said Kumar.

It also aims to ensure the food security of the country by producing all the food items in our state without relying on other states. Through the programme, the government intends to change the status of the consumer state to the status of production state for Kerala," he added.
Kumar further asserted that he lived here for eight months.
"The place was cleared by the government farmworkers with me and a variety of crops were brought in and planted here," he added. (ANI)