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BJP leader K Lakshman (Photo/ K Lakshman twitter profile)
BJP leader K Lakshman (Photo/ K Lakshman twitter profile)

KCR starting national party to divert attention from unfulfilled promises in Telangana: BJP leader

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2022 17:50 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], October 1 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dr K Lakshman on Saturday, attacked Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and said that he is starting a national party just to divert public attention from the unfulfilled promises of the Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) government.
"The promises he made to the people of Telangana are unfulfilled. All groups of people are angry with him. All corruption charges across the country have their roots in Hyderabad. So to divert the public attention, TRS is trying to showcase itself as a National Party. It is a corrupt party ruled by a family," Lakshman said
"So as KCR is going to launch a national party, I want to ask him, what exactly are you trying to show to the country that you are running a family-ruled party and you want to take the corruption across the country?" Lakshman said.
The BJP leader also alleged that the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) has the steering of the TRS Government.
"The TRS wants to work with the Majlis, as their steering is in the hands of Majlis only. Whether it is Telangana Vimochan Day or Tiranga Yatra, they first get the 'go ahead' from Darussalam and then from the Pragati Bhavan. The TRS, the Congress and the Majlis Party are one," Lakshman alleged.

The BJP leader further said that even if all the parties come together, the people will be looking at the development under the Modi government.
"In a democracy, any political party at the national or state level has the right to start a National Party. We won't mind if any other political party comes. There are many parties in the name of the National Party, whether it is SP, JDU, JDS or Praja Shanti Party. KCR recently met Nitish Kumar and Stalin who are a part of the Congress alliance, Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar, they all also allies of Congress. So, let all of them come together, yet the country's people will be looking at Modi and his development," Lakshman said.
Earlier today, Telangana Chief Minister KCR inaugurated the Prathima Relief Institute of Medical Sciences at Warangal on Saturday.
While addressing the medical students at the event, the CM compared Telangana's per capita income with Mumbai- the financial capital of India. "Telangana's per capita income is more than that of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Earlier we had only 5 medical colleges but we could get 12 new colleges", the CM said.
While lashing out at the Central government, KCR said, "The central government hasn't been able to give a single medical college. But we have broadly sanctioned 33 new medical colleges in 33 districts. In a few days, the mission will be completed". Before 2014 we had only 2800 seats including private and government but now we have around 6800 medical seats in the state", KCR further said. (ANI)