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Karnataka : Several COVID-19 Patients dying at homes due to non-availability of hospital beds

ANI | Updated: May 16, 2021 07:49 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 16 (ANI): Getting the correct death data from the government of Karnataka amid the Covid-19 pandemic is difficult as many people are dying at home because of the non-availability of hospital beds, oxygen or they are not being able to get tested for Covid, said Dr Giridhar Rao, Technical advisory committee formed to suggest government over covid Management.
"COVID patients dying at gome don't find a place as a Covid patient in the database managed by the state.Noting the fatalities shown in health department bulletins and government data, there are several people who lost their lives for not getting 'hospital bed on time' and ambulance service at the time of emergency," he told ANI.
More than 500 patients, including Covid-19 positive patients, died at their places without getting treatment on time. In just one month, Karnataka has seen more than 595 fatalities as per health department data. Many COVID-19 patients died at home due to non-availability of beds and/or for not reaching the hospital on time.
While observing the number of deaths as per the government data, the death figures of home isolated patients is worrying. He pointed that there can be many reasons including poor oxygen monitoring of the patient, late in reaching the hospital, sudden change in the health condition before reaching hospital etc.
"Some of the patients succumbed to death before finding a bed among other facilities in the hospital. Though, there are plenty number of ambulances available at this point of time, but the patients cannot be admitted due to lack of beds. In this second phase, the main point to worry about is that several COVID-19 patients are losing their lives at home during Covid isolation which needs to be taken seriously. We need proper monitoring, on call suggestions, treatment on time, oxygen supply, shifting patients to hospital, proper medication for them--then only deaths can be averted among COVID patients", Dr Giridhar Rao told ANI.
Dr Majeed who is a pulmonologist and lungs specialist told ANI, "Only mass vaccination can save people who are dying in home isolation. There is a reason behind this. Infection level increases when patients roam around places in search of hospitals. I, myself, tried hard to find beds and oxygen supply for patients who are in home isolation. It is horrifying that many have succumbed to death in home isolation."
"Many don't disclose till the condition becomes critical, till they start facing breathlessness, saturation level comes down,"Dr Majeed said.
"No government or authorities can be blamed at this point of time. The only option is mass vaccination which can save these lives", the doctor said.
Dr Majeed said that many patients, even if they feel breathlessness, do not disclose it to the doctor or the specialist. "This new mutation of the virus is becoming dangerous and effecting directly to the lungs, which can be treated, if it is diagnosed at a proper time. If this does not happen, they (patients) end up losing their lives in self-isolation", said Dr Majeed.
"We only come to know when people die in hospital and data comes in the health bulletin. But there are also many patients dying at home isolation without getting bed, oxygen and treatment. I, myself, have seen it", said Javed Abbas, who is working as a COVID warrior to help the people in Bengaluru. (ANI)