Rural sports festival organised in Mangaluru
Rural sports festival organised in Mangaluru

Karnataka: Kesard Onji - rural sports game festival organised in paddy fields in Mangaluru

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2019 15:51 IST

Mangaluru (Karnataka) [India], June 24 (ANI): Shri JnanaShakti Subramanya Swamy temple organised Kesard Onji-rural sports festival in slushy paddy fields at Bakimara fields in Mangaluru on Monday.
Children, women, and youth in large numbers participated in rural sports organised as a part of the event such as race in muddy water, tug of war, backward race, forming human pyramids to break earthen pots, running with water pots and folk dance performed in the slushy waters of the fields.

"I hail from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, I came here especially to attend this festival with my family members. I am extremely overwhelmed by the warmth and culture of Mangaluru, I participated in the adventure sports organised here and it was a good experience. We wait for this festival every year and celebrate it with joy and love" Aarti told ANI.
"I participated in front running and back running race and won a prize for the same, we came in a team and participated in other adventure sports like a tug of war and racing competitions. These sports adventure games are different from all other sports and I loved this experience" a student participant told ANI.
Children enthusiastically participated in different sports activities, women and men performed folk dances in the splashy muddy water and represented their culture.
The main aim of organising this festival is to preserve Karnataka's culture and tradition, stay connected with the agricultural roots and work for the farmers of the state. At the end of this festival, the splashy fields are used to cultivate paddy.
"Our roots are deeply connected with agriculture and farmers, before anything else we all are agriculturist and will always work for the betterment of farmers. We conducted these activities for school children as well and the turnout was overwhelming; around 2,000 children participated on the first day " the event organizer told ANI. (ANI)