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Karnataka govt bans transport of animals to prevent lumpy skin disease: Karnataka minister Prabhu Chavan

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2022 23:02 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], October 13 (ANI): Amid the rising number of lumpy skin diseases, Prabhu B Chavan, the Minister of Animal Husbandry in the Karnataka government on Thursday assured the farmers and cattle owners that, the government is banning the animal slaughter and transport to combat the situation.
While talking to ANI, the Minister said that "In order to prevent the Lumpy skin disease which is appearing in cattle these days, measures are being taken to ban cattle slaughtering and cattle transportation in the surrounding areas where the disease has been detected."
He informed that the respective district administrations have been instructed to ban cattle fairs, markets and transportation to prevent the further spread of the skin nodule disease. He also advised the livestock owners to follow precautionary measures such as boosting the immune system of the vaccinated livestock.
"The main cause of ringworm is a virus called Capripox. So, a live vaccine for the virus is being given as preventive medicine. If the cattle are already suffering from the disease, they should get proper treatment and medical care. Healthy cattle should be vaccinated. Vaccination is being given within a five km area of the disease outbreak area and surrounding area," he said.
"For preventing the disease, we have to separate the healthy cows from the diseased ones. We have released the helpline numbers, 1962 or 8277100200. posters, banners and local veterinarians and animal husbandry department officials are spreading awareness. If the symptoms of the disease are seen in the cattle, they should immediately contact the nearest veterinarian and get timely treatment," he further said.

Chavan also listed down the measures, such as making vaccines available that are being taken by the government to prevent the disease.
"It is transmitted to cattle by blood-sucking mosquitoes, fleas, biting flies, and viruses from infected animals. The symptoms of the disease are high fever, refusal to eat, reduced milk yield, and the appearance of 2-5 cm sized nodules on the skin."
In the fly, mosquito and wool-producing areas, Flogging is being done in collaboration with local organisations. Also, 50 lakh vaccines will be made available by the end of October from the Animal Health and Biological Institute.
Prabhu Chavan also suggested that cattle owners give fresh water, ragi ambali and anti-disease home remedies to the cattle to prevent skin nodule disease.
As per reports, lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that affects cattle. It is transmitted by blood-feeding insects, such as certain species of flies and mosquitoes, or ticks. It causes fever and nodules on the skin and can lead to the death of the cattle.
The virus has been found only in cows and buffaloes. There is no danger to humans in eating meat or using milk of animals that do not have the symptoms of Lumpy. Animals can be cured of Lumpy, however, the milk of such animals may get affected due by the virus. (ANI)