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Jump in viral, Dengue cases after rains in Delhi

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2021 17:57 IST

By Shalini Bhardwaj
New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI): The national capital has reported a surge in dengue cases. A total of 149 cases of dengue have been reported in the month of September.
The total number of dengue cases reported last year in the national capital till September were 212 as compared to 273 this year.

Speaking with ANI on the surge in the dengue cases, Dr Anamika Dubey, senior consultant, General Pediatrics, Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital, said, "Nowadays we are seeing so many children suffering from fever, most of these are the cases of viral fever like dengue and influenza. The child with dengue suffers from very high fever, intense headache, severe body ache and pain behind the eyeballs."
"The influenza patients also suffer from fever, irritability and cough. In both the fever we start treatment with paracetamol and plenty of fluids. If a child does not improve in 48 hours then we do the necessary investigation. The influenza patients normally recover in five to six days and they do not need any further investigations or treatment. The patients whether suffering from Dengue or influenza should remember that these are viral illnesses, they need only symptomatic treatment a good observation but they do not need any antibiotics," she added.
Doctors are requesting parents to be vigilant and don't hesitate to approach a doctor for the treatment, "All dengue fevers do not need platelets transfusion also, dengue fever whether it's a simple or hemorrhagic fever or it's a shock syndrome they need only early diagnosis and treatment. My request to all parents is to be vigilant and don't hesitate to approach your doctor for help," said Dr Anamika.
Speaking on the preventive measures that need to be taken, Dr Syed Hasan, Head of the Pediatrics department in Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, said, "Dengue mosquito breeds in contaminated water and make sure that you should avoid them in and around your house. For prevention of other viruses like influenza virus it's better to get the influenza vaccine, but for other viruses, take enough amount of proteins and fruits", he added.
Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, senior consultant of Internal Medicine in Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi said, "We have not seen a very large number of patients for typhoid so far, I have personally come across only 3-4 patients in the past 2 weeks. These have been mild cases of Typhoid." (ANI)