Deer in Palamu Tiger Reserve. (Photo/ANI)
Deer in Palamu Tiger Reserve. (Photo/ANI)

Jharkhand's Palamu Tiger Reserve witnesses rise in animal population during COVID-19

ANI | Updated: Jul 29, 2021 16:51 IST

Palamu (Jharkhand), July 29 (ANI): Population of wild animals has increased in Jharkhand's Palamu Tiger Reserve, due to the absence of tourists in the COVID-19 pandemic, an official said on Thursday.
According to Palamu Tiger Reserve Director, Kumar Ashutosh the population of deer has also seen a rise whereas evidence indicating tiger presence in nearby areas has also been found.
"Deer population has seen a rise. We have found evidence indicating tiger presence in nearby areas. 300 camera traps are there to locate animal movement," said Ashutosh.

"Due to the continuous lockdown, the movement of tourists is closed, which is why the number of animals has increased in the Tiger Project," he added.

The Palamu Tiger Reserve of Jharkhand completely stopped the movement of tourists in March 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic.
The number of animals has also raised in Betla National Park under Palamu Tiger Reserve, according to the ranger of Betla National Park, Prem Prakash.

"Along with Deer, we are also witnessing a rising number of other animals in the forest. Be it deer, elephant, leopard or other animals, they are constantly visible here," said the tracker of Palamu Tiger Reserve.
However, following the rise in the number of animals, many incidents of crop disruption by animals have been reported in the nearby park by the villagers. (ANI)