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Ayub Mir (Photo/ANI)
Ayub Mir (Photo/ANI)

J-K's visually impaired youth qualifies Junior Research Fellowship exam

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2022 11:46 IST

Kupwara (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], November 14 (ANI): Hard work can change anyone's destiny and with this hope, Mohammad Auyob Mir, a 23-year-old visually impaired has qualified JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) exam that was recently held.
Auyob who hails from Sogam Lolab tehsil of northern Kashmir's Kupwara district was not born visually impaired. But he discovered that he is losing his vision slowly as his age advanced. By the time he entered class 12th at a government Higher Secondary school of Lolab, the same school where the country's IAS topper Dr Shah Faisal got early education, he found himself as a 70 percent visually challenged person.
Auyob however accepted the challenge and changed his destiny by not compromising his disability. After he cracked the JRF exam, congratulatory messages poured in from all corners. His villagers term his success as "not a simple achievement, especially for him".
Ayoub did his schooling at a local government school, where he always topped his class with a huge percentage. "My participation was not conferred to academics only, I used to take part in quiz competitions and other school activities as well", Ayoub said.
"However, my parents never let his blindness come in the way of his education. They provided me with every assistance I needed to continue my studies like other children," he said and believed that he will be able to change his family's fortune.
"We have seen difficult days. But all of that will end soon," he added.
Ayoub said that a local teacher in his vicinity turned out to be his hope, as he guided him throughout the period of his struggles. In higher school, Ayoub got massive support from his teachers to proceed toward his positive goal.

"However during the day, I am somehow able to move but as the evening comes, it becomes impossible for me to see anything," he said.
In 2017, Ayob completed his bachelor's in political science and later completed his master's from Aligarh Muslim University. "Qualifying JRF is not something I have achieved alone, the professors at AMU have a major contribution to my success. The seniors also played a critical role, in my career, they guided me through the entire journey of JRF," he added.
"Since I lost my sight, my preparation has become a bit different, I used to listen to lectures from my phone or computer. I used to read books through some specific software designed for blind people," he added.
"Specially-abled students particularly those who are visually impaired are considered as a liability but I want to tell people that if anyone sets his target, disability can't be a hurdle in achieving his or her goal in life," he said.
"My family has been always my support to overcome all the challenges I faced throughout my entire journey. Whatever I am going through, I have never complained about anything, I am always thankful to God for everything I have," Ayoub said.
He has been also creating disable friendly content to help people with visual impairment to crack entrance tests. "I was always diligent with studies and when you are such a student, there is a childish enthusiasm where you want to challenge yourself with more difficult things," he added.
Meanwhile, the locals while hailing him said that he has proved that facilities alone do not matter. It is perseverance that counts. (ANI)