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The sculpture designed by ITI Berhampur is 30 feet tall and weighs 3 tons. (Photos/ANI)
The sculpture designed by ITI Berhampur is 30 feet tall and weighs 3 tons. (Photos/ANI)

ITI Berhampur trainees develop 30 ft sculpture made out of e-waste

ANI | Updated: Nov 05, 2021 02:29 IST

Berhampur (Odisha) [India], November 5 (ANI): Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Berhampur, Odisha has developed a unique sculpture made out of e-waste that aims to spread awareness among people on environmental protection and proper management of e-waste.
ITI is an institute run by the Odisha government.
The sculpture developed by ITI is 30 feet long and uses 3 tons of e-waste generated by the Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BMC) and ITI. It is among the tallest e-waste statue of the country.
This unique sculpture has been designed by trainees from Electrician, Electronics and Painter trades of ITI, Berhampur.
The ITI trainees have used e-wastes from devices like electronic toys, PCB, printer, printer cartridge, RAM, keyboard, mouse, monitor, mobile, CD player, TV and VCR to design the sculpture.

Through this sculpture, the ITI Berhampur students appeal to the people to reconnect with Mother Earth by being responsible in scientific management of e-waste.
In the current digital era, the e-waste generation is very high. E-waste comprises many toxic elements, including copper, liquid crystal, lithium, mercury, nickel, selenium, arsenic, and barium, among others. When it is not properly managed, the risks of e-waste polluting the surrounding air and water are significantly high.
As per the Waste Management Rules, 2016, the e-waste should be scientifically stored and dismantled as their unscientific management leads to pollution and various environmental hazards.
Speaking to ANI, Sandeep Kumar Panda, a student said, "We developed this robot sculpture within two to three months using three tons of e-waste generated by Berhampur Municipal Corporation and ITI. It is 30 feet long."

Dr Rajat Kumar Panigrahi, Principal, ITI, Berhampur said, "Students have developed the largest sculpture out of e-waste using e-waste generated in the local city from TV, mobile phones, computers, mouse, keyboards etc. 30-40 students worked on this sculpture. We all got good opportunities for skill development during the pandemic. We dedicate this to Skilled In Odisha, Skill India who has helped in the skill development of students. We will try submitting it for the Asian Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Records." (ANI)