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Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)

'Inspiring, encouraging, rewarding' : PM Modi showers accolades on outgoing RS chairman Venkaiah Naidu

ANI | Updated: Aug 08, 2022 20:55 IST

New Delhi [India], August 8 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi bid farewell to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday and called his term 'inspiring, encouraging, rewarding' for future generations.
Addressing the farewell ceremony of Vice President Venkaiah Nadu at the Parliament Library Building Monday evening, PM Modi said, "Venkaiah ji's life is a huge legacy for us. Whatever we have learned with him, let us carry on. Efforts have been made to take forward the love that he has for various languages just like the way he tried to promote his mother tongue."
Modi said that one element of unhappiness that Naidu felt while getting elected as the vice president was that he would have to resign from his party, the BJP, due to constitutional requirements. "But I feel that Venkaiah ji will surely cover up his absence of 5 years. His work of inspiring, encouraging and rewarding all veteran members will continue," said PM Modi.
"M Venkaiah Naidu might have been the first Chairman who knew how to make the House more capable and take out its best for the country, to make Parliamentary committees more productive and outcome-oriented, with an aim to improve. We should ensure that his advice is always utilised," said PM Modi.
Recalling the initial days of COVID-19 pandemic's advent in the country, PM Modi said, "It was very difficult for him (Naidu) to sit still. I used to say that lockdown would be a big punishment for him... but he made use of time... hardly any worker would be there who didn't get a call from him, during lockdown. He kept asking about their well-being and providing help if needed."
In July 2017, M Venkaiah Naidu, the then vice presidential candidate of the BJP-led ruling coalition, quit the government and his party, calling it a "painful" task. "Now I do not belong to any party," the veteran politician had said.
Earlier, in his farewell speech in Rajya Sabha, Naidu said, "The day PM told me that I was being selected to become the Vice President of India, I was in tears, I didn't ask for it. Party had given the mandate, I obliged and resigned from the party. Tears were because I had to leave the party."
"I did my best to maintain... the House. I tried to accommodate and give opportunities to all sides - South, North, East, West, North-East. Each one of you has been given time," he added.
The outgoing RS Chairman further said, "We, the Upper House, have a greater responsibility. The entire world is watching India; India is on the move. I appeal to Rajya Sabha MPs to maintain decency, dignity and decorum so that the image and respect of the House is maintained."
Outgoing Vice-President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Monday stated, "I tell all sides, respect democracy" as IUML MP Abdul Wahab urged him to tell the Bharatiya Janata Party to ensure a democratic atmosphere in India.
"We are not enemies, we are rivals. We must work hard to outshine others in competition but not run down others. My wish is that Parliament functions well... I'm thankful and moved by your love and affection," said M Venkaiah Naidu, in his last remarks as the Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice-President.
The Monsoon session of Parliament ended on Monday four days ahead of schedule. Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were adjourned sine die on the day. The session, which started on July 18, was scheduled to conclude on August 12.
Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, while adjourning the house sine die four days ahead of schedule, said that detailed statistics pertaining to the session will be circulated during the course by the Rajya Sabha secretariat. The tenure of Naidu will end on August 10.
My wish is that Parliament functions well... I'm thankful and moved by your love and affection," he added.
Lauding the power of speech of the vice President, PM Modi in Rajya Sabha said, "The one-liners of Venkaiah Naidu ji are famous. They are wit-liners. His command over the languages has always been great."
"There is both depth and substance in what Venkaiah ji says," said the Prime Minister while initiating the farewell speech to honour the Vice President in the Upper House.
Naidu demits office on Wednesday and his successor Jagdeep Dhankhar will take the oath of office on August 11. (ANI)