Afghan Charge d'Affaires to India Tahir Qadiry. (File photo)
Afghan Charge d'Affaires to India Tahir Qadiry. (File photo)

India must use its clout and play pro-active role in Afghan peace process: Afghan Charge d'Affaires to India

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2019 18:57 IST

New Delhi [India], Jul 15 (ANI): Pakistan's entry in the Afghan peace talks has not gone down well here in New Delhi as both India and Afghanistan have time and again slammed Pakistan for abetting, sponsoring and harbouring terrorism.
Recently, Pakistan joined the US, Russia and China trilateral consultations on the Afghan peace process in Beijing.
Speaking on Pakistan's entry in peace talks and related fears, Tahir Qadiry, Afghan Charge d'Affaires to India, told ANI, "Afghanistan share India's concerns related to insurgency and India must play a more proactive role in peace talks and timely holding of general elections in Afghanistan. We share many common concerns with India in the region when it comes to the insurgency."
"India is the biggest regional partner of Afghanistan and one of the biggest donors and so we believe that India should be engaging more because it has invested so much in the democratic institutions in Afghanistan and our infrastructure. That is why they should really use the opportunity for the preservation of the gains they have achieved in the last 18 years," he said.
Qadiry underlined that India should have a proactive role in Afghanistan's current affairs as the two countries share common democratic values.
"India must have a proactive role in the current affairs of Afghanistan. Both countries share common democratic values and to preserve that, the best thing is India should be engaging more and have a proactive role as far as peace talks are concerned," he said.
Stressing that India as an emerging power should use its clout in the region, the Afghan envoy said, "We believe that India being emerging power, they can use power and influence at the international level from different platforms to lobby to support the position of the Afghan government. The current Afghan government want an Afghan-led, Afghan-control and Afghan-run peace process."
He said that the Afghan government has been stressing for the need of regional, national and international consensus on the Afghan peace process.
"So, we do need the support and engagement of India. We believe that India should be using that kind of platform to lobby for the Afghan government. India has a stake in Afghanistan and should engage publically and have a more proactive role," Qadiry remarked.
Allaying India's fear of possible delay in the Afghan presidential polls, Qadiry said, "We are committed to holding the elections on time." (ANI)