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India-based SamKalpa Systems partners with US firm COMSPOC to strengthen India's space defence

ANI | Updated: Feb 09, 2023 18:42 IST

New Delhi [India], February 9 (ANI): SamKalpa Systems, an India-based company, announced a joint venture with COMSPOC, a US-based enterprise software platform for Space Situational Awareness.
The new partnership, named Vedcomspoc, aims to provide accurate, timely, and scalable solutions for identifying potential threats in space, tracking and simulating space events, and performing assessments for proactive Space Traffic Management and Awareness.
VEDCOMSPOC is the only solution that can accept any form of observation and provide solutions in all orbital regimes -- from VLEO to Cislunar and interplanetary.
In the current geopolitical climate, governments are becoming more aware of the importance of protecting their space assets and safeguarding them against potential threats. With rival nations rapidly developing and launching new space capabilities, the security of satellites has become an increasingly critical aspect of national defence strategies.
As space becomes a central aspect of communication, collaboration, and research for nations, it is imperative that governments and organizations ensure the safety of their space assets.
In a statement, CEO Ravnish Luthra of SamKalpa expressed the company's commitment to the "Make in India" initiative by creating an India-specific layer on top of a military-grade space situational awareness (SSA) platform, which is powered by a physics engine consisting of 13 million lines of rocket science code.
Luthra said, "SamKalpa formed a joint venture with COMSPOC to establish VEDCOMSPOC, a local entity that will further develop the engine and provide SSA solutions not only in India but also for other friendly countries. The aim of Vedcomspoc is to advance India's progress and make it a leader in the field of space situational awareness."
Luthra emphasized the importance of space systems as a critical component of modern defence systems and stated that being prepared to defend space assets makes India stronger.
"Vedcomspoc seeks to strengthen India's space domain awareness by providing an enterprise software platform that delivers high accuracy, low latency, and high-capacity SSA across all orbital regimes," he said,
Paul Graziani, CEO of COMSPOC, further noted that India is now in a remarkable position to take its space capabilities to an international level.
He expressed his desire to collaborate closely with both the US and Indian governments to exchange information in the areas of space domain awareness and space traffic management.

Graziani emphasized the significance of international collaboration in space situational awareness as the number of objects in space continues to escalate. With a large number of satellites, debris, and other objects orbiting the Earth, he stressed the importance of countries working together to guarantee the security of their space-based assets.
Today's space operational environment is congested, contested, and competitive. Over 7,000 satellites are operating in Earth's orbit, among a total population of just over 24,000 catalogued objects; the rest of the objects are "dead" satellites and a significant amount of space debris.
Debris is created from launch and on-orbit operations when satellites are decommissioned (and improperly disposed), and when satellites fragment or break up in space.
There are governments that recognize the importance of protecting their space assets from potential threats, as well as mitigating or countering the capabilities of adversary assets, as part of their national defence strategy.
Some countries, including rivals, are quickly developing, building and launching greater capacities.
As space becomes progressively central to the way that nations communicate, collaborate, and conduct research, it is becoming increasingly vital for governments and organizations to secure their satellites from threats.
Samkalpa is a Deeptech company specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to the Indian Aerospace and Defence sector. Through partnerships with global technology leaders and a focus on customization, Samkalpa is dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative products and services that meet the changing needs of its clients.
Their goal is to help organizations stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world by optimizing their operations through software development, data analysis, and expert consulting. With a team of highly skilled engineers and domain experts, Samkalpa looks beyond surface-level problems to offer future-focused solutions.
Meanwhile, COMSPOC is a leading provider of solutions for addressing challenges in the space operational environment, arising from both intentional threats and hazards such as space debris.
With a technology base that spans over 31 years, including core products and 12 years of SSA enterprise solutions, COMSPOC's software is the only commercially available processing software that has been numerically validated by the US Air Force.
With a technology readiness level of 9 and a decade of experience providing flight safety services for 60 per cent of all commercial satellites in orbit, COMSPOC has a mature technology that has been used in military, international, commercial, and civil applications. (ANI)